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Payment methods


When paying in advance, please transfer the total amount to our account (the account details will be given to you in the order confirmation). As soon as the payment is received, the goods will be sent. The transfer should be done within 10 days - otherwise your order will be canceled.


If you pay via PayPal, the goods are usually sent immediately. For payment via PayPal you need your own PayPal account. The account and the payment are completely free of charge for you.

Credit card (MasterCard & VISA & Amex)

With us you can pay comfortably and securely (3D secure code required) with your credit card. We transmit credit card information securely and encrypted to our credit card provider Stripe, which meets all necessary security requirements.

SOFORT Überweisung

With SOFORT Überweisung, online payment is easier than ever! You can comfortably use your familiar online banking data and be on the safe side. Thanks to the transaction confirmation, your order can be sent immediately - faster than usual with prepayment. With SOFORT Überweisung you can look forward to prompt delivery

Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay, you can simply open your shopping cart page on your Apple device and press the Apple Pay button. Your order is then made by payment via your Apple ID.

Amazon Pay

Log into your Amazon account and fill out the shipping information (optional) automatically. The transaction takes place via the payment method of your choice stored in your Amazon account.

Google Pay

The Google payment method. Simply pay with your Google login details and the payment methods stored in your account. Shipping and billing address can optionally be taken from your Google account.

Shopify Pay

Shopify's payment method. Pay with your Shopify login and the associated payment method. Shipping and billing addresses can optionally be taken from your Shopify account.