The Anti Radler Radler Club

Hate cyclists? Hate Radlatringa? Then this shirt is perfect for you! The T-shirts from the Anti Radler Radler Club stand for the support of the Anti Radler movement. This is how you can look good while presenting your opinion to cyclists. For 24.99 € you can buy the t-shirt online at or write to us using our contact form and pick up the t-shirts in Munich.

We look forward to your order <3

In case you are a cyclist and are reading this right now. Get ready for something!! # banradler2018 #antiradler

3 commentaires

  • Sarah

    Fick Radler. Nur das Bier regiert

  • Phillip Langewiesche

    Scheiß auf Radler wir wollen BIER

  • Shakhovtsev Dmitrii

    Hi! Can i but the red hoodie “anti radler radler club” today? around 5pm? Size: L. And also do you have black hoodies with same logo, size XL?

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