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Fleischmützengang Event - RedCupShop

Meat hat event

Meat hats and beer pong

Dear Sir or Madam, dear meat hats and very hated cyclist drinkers,

On May 18th, 2019 we held an event in your honor (unless you are a cyclist) in front of our new sales point in Maxvorstadt. Beer pong was played, heads were shaved and people were brought together. All with one goal: to have a great time! This task was mastered successfully.

Thank you for your attendance! There were over 50 people from all ages and backgrounds. The event was a complete success. The meat hat gang was expanded by a total of 13 members and now includes over 30 people. If you don't know what kind of gang it is, you should visit us on Instagram.

Of course we had a video made for the event, which you can watch below. Leave a subscription, like, comment or your hair.

Thanks again to everyone who was there and supported us in our task. Shoutouts go out to Abel and Niklas.

Friends: Stay away from cyclists, widen the gears and stay smooth. Together we are strong!

Love, Team RedCupShop



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ojswwhnzac - marzo 18, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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RevYiyKZxrsk - settembre 9, 2020


tPUIcNXoby - settembre 9, 2020


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