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Drinking game: lies

People :

  • from 3 people
  • from 18 years

Material :

  • Card game
  • Alcohol

Course of the game :

At the beginning every player should be given the same number of cards, at least three cards per person. Then a pyramid (as in beer pong) is built from the remaining cards, the cards must remain face down. The cards are revealed from row 1 upwards. If you own the revealed card or pretend to have it, you can choose a teammate from the round who has to drink as a penalty. The person who has to drink decides whether he believes the other player or not. If the person is believed, the given sips must be drunk. However, if you do not believe your teammate but it is still the truth, you have to drink twice the given sips. The card must be placed on top of the face-up card in the pyramid. The goal is to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible. If a teammate has no more cards in the round, the one who still has the most cards at the time has lost.

1st row = 1 sip. 2nd row = 2 sips 3rd row = 4 sips 4th row = 8 sips