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On this page you can find out what is important when buying a Beer Pong table!


Original dimensions:

  • 2.40m x 60cm x 70cm (LxWxH) / approx. 10kg


  • Pay attention to the underside of the beer pong table! White / black is ideal. Light brown / brown indicates an MDF board that soaks quickly and breaks easily.

  • Regarding the design, it is always worth taking a look at the reviews. High-quality print / sticker designs are a good quality indicator, especially if they are additionally covered with a protective layer.

  • The frame of many tables is too thin, as this is the easiest place to save on production costs. Pay attention to the product reviews and notes on pictures. If the metal parts (especially the folding mechanism) look too thin, we advise against this table.

As a rule of thumb, : a table under € 65-70 (preferably including shipping costs) is rarely good in terms of quality.

We are happy to refer you to our tables ( ). All of our products are produced in compliance with the highest quality standards. We offer free shipping within Germany and will be happy to exchange the table at no extra charge if you don't like it.



If you want to buy a real Beer Pong table, we recommend buying a table with the dimensions 2.40mx 60cm x 70cm (LxWxH) . These dimensions are standard for the World Series of Beer Pong and most other Beer Pong tournaments. We only sell tables in this size.


The tabletop: It is probably the most important thing on a beer pong table. Often inexperienced beer pong players buy the cheapest table without having studied the matter. Therefore, it often happens that a table made of MDF (a type of chipboard) is purchased. The top of the table looks like any other. However, if you take a look at the underside of the table, you can usually see a light brown wooden plate. This often soaks and swells after it has been played on a few times, as the wood draws the moisture from the beer and deforms. The fun of the game is therefore limited in time and manageable. Our table tops consist of MDF on the inside, but are enclosed on both sides by a watertight melamine coating (= hard plastic) and additionally protected by a protective layer on the top. If you choose another manufacturer, make sure that the underside of the table is white or black or that the product description lists a melamine coating.

The print: Many beer pong tables are printed with cheap and poor quality stickers that peel off or scratch quickly.For our tables we either use a high-quality print and cover it with a protective layer or use a high-quality sticker, which we also cover with a protective layer

The frame: Most Beer Pong tables are similar in terms of frame. The small but subtle difference is the folding mechanism or its individual parts. Here, cheap providers like to save. The result: thin aluminum parts that bend quickly and do not hold the table well. Our tables have thicker metal parts, which guarantee a higher stability and longevity of the table with almost the same weight.