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Beer athlon drinking game

Thanks to Instagram @ benny.dietz and @ luisseifert01 for submitting.

You want the best combination of drinking and exercise (besides beer pong)? Then you've come to the right place.

Disciplines must be completed in the order 1-9.


1. Drink 1 half in 7 minutes

2. Run 4km

3. Drink 2 pints in 10 minutes

4. Swim 30 laps

5. Drink 3 pints in 12 minutes

6. 25 pushups + 25 situps

7. Drink 3 shots in 5 minutes

8. Swim 10 laps

9. High Five


Drinking: No matter how fast you drink, you can only move on to the next discipline after the time has elapsed. If the time is exceeded, there is a 2 minute penalty.

Running: The fastest wins.

Swimming: The pool wall must be touched for each completed lane.

Push-ups / sit-ups: The referee checks the posture and execution.