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Drinking game: Flunkyball

Drinking game rules for Flunkyball

Flunkyball rules

Game preparation

Number of players: from 4 people


  • 1x ball or other projectile
  • 1x empty bottle or similar
  • at least 1 bottle of beer per person

Course of the game

  1. Two teams with the same number of people line up opposite one another. The playing field should ideally be outdoors.
  2. A plastic bottle is placed in the middle. The two teams line up in parallel at a distance of 5 meters.
  3. Each player places an open but still full beer in front of them.
  4. The goal is to knock over the plastic bottle in the middle with the ball.
  5. If a bottle has been hit by a teammate, the whole team prepares its beer and drinks until the opposing team has put the bottle up again, fetched the ball and returned to its team behind the "line". Then it is time to put the bottles down again and put them on the floor.
  6. Now it's the opposing team's turn to throw.
  7. The team that emptied all its beers first has won.

General rules:

  • You always have to throw alternately within the team.
  • Stop shouting as soon as the other player from putting up the bottle is back behind the line so that the others don't keep drinking

Penalty rules:

  • Beer foams over: skip a round.
  • Beer tips over: put an extra bottle for the player or two rounds.
  • Beer is turned off too late: skip a round.
  • Loser: Have to drink your beer empty (exen)