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Rage Cage

How do you play Rage Cage?

Game requirements

  • 6-12 players
  • 1 table (from RedCupShop 😎)
  • 20-69 RedCups filled with beer (NO shandy)
  • 2 table tennis balls

Playing process

All players stand around the beer pong table with the beer-filled cups in the middle. The two players who are furthest apart start drinking a cup. Then try to hit the table tennis ball as quickly as possible with a touchdown on the table in the cup. If the player manages this the first time, he can pass the cup on to any player. If he doesn't make it the first time he has to pass the cup on to the next player. The aim is to put your cup in the player's cup in front of you. If you manage to do this, the player in whose cup a cup was placed has to take a new one and drink it. This is done until the last cup has been drunk in the middle. If a player accidentally hits a cup in the middle, he must drink the cup before he can continue playing.