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Here you can find everything your heart desires. Not only the standard beer pong items, but also drinking games and a streetwear collection to get to the next party with the full drip package. Nobody can do it better than us!

Beer Pong tables

Our Beer Pong tables are designed and produced by ourselves. This means that we can always guarantee the highest level of quality and new designs. The OG Red collection is the All Time Classic and always available. In addition, newly designed limited collections are coming out again and again, so that every taste and student budget gets their money's worth. Follow us on Instagram @Redcupshop to stay up to date and never miss a drop.

Beer Pong cups

Our Beer Pong cups are very robust and can be easily reused by rinsing them out with warm water. Each pack contains 50 cups with which you can easily play 2 rounds of Beer Pong. In addition, we not only have cups in different colors, but also in different shapes, luminous cups and shot cups.

Streetwear collection

Our constantly changing, limited collections, such as the "Anti Radler Radler Club" or "Free Beer for Future" Collection, are designed and produced with great attention to detail. Thanks to the relaxed fit, you can wear our clothes anytime, anywhere.

Drinking games

Our drinking games let any relaxed gathering quickly escalate into a mini party. Regardless of whether it is Shot Roulette, No Limit or Drunken Tower: a cool light and a few rounds later the post will take off. But be careful: the fun factor can quickly lead to a complaint from the neighbors, as they could feel left out.

Party gadgets and accessories

If you are still looking for a few things to put the finishing touches to your party, you will not only find funnels in all designs, but also beer, mobile phone cases, posters and much more to start the party of your life.