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Beer pong tables: official dimensions (length, width, height)

Beer Pong table dimensions

There are no official measurements. However, most tournaments and official Redcupshop events are played with tables that have the following dimensions:

Length assembled: 244cm / width: 61cm / height: 76cm length case shape: 61cm / width: 61cm / height: 16cm weight: approx. 10 kg

Details / quality: Height-adjustable aluminum table

  • Mobility: easy to carry thanks to handles in the shape of a case
  • Water repellent (easy to clean)
  • MDF board with melamine coating (top & bottom)
  • Reinforcement struts on the underside of the table tops
  • Ball holder for 6 balls on the bottom

The tables from Redcupshop impress with their high quality and unique designs. With conventional Beer Pong tables, the tabletop begins to soften and form bubbles after just a few uses. This does not happen with our tables due to the high-quality, water-repellent melmin coating, which is also on the underside of the table. Furthermore, the frames are reinforced with struts to give the tables more stability.