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  • Bierpong Turnier vom 09.09.23
    septembre 14, 2023

    Bierpong Turnier vom 09.09.23

    Liebe Bierpong-Enthusiasten! 🎉Wir sind begeistert über die enorme Resonanz und den Erfolg unseres letzten Bierpong-Turniers hier im Herzen Münchens! 🍻Unser kürzlich stattgefundenes Bierpong-Turnier war ein absoluter Erfolg. Teams aus der gesamten Region versammelten sich, um ihr Können zu beweisen und...

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  • Halloween - Shots Edition
    octobre 20, 2022

    Halloween - Shots Edition

    Trick or Treat! What goes better with a Halloween party than a spooky surprise over a round of shots? We'll show you how to spice up your Halloween party. You need this: Identical Shot Glasses (Opaque) Delicious mixed drink of...

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  • Fleischmützengang Event - RedCupShop
    juin 15, 2019

    Meat hat event

    Meat hats and beer pong Dear Sir or Madam, dear meat hats and very hated cyclist drinkers, On May 18th, 2019 we held an event in your honor (unless you are a cyclist) in front of our new sales point...

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  • Olympische Winter-Trinkspiele - RedCupShop
    février 16, 2018

    Winter Olympic Drinking Games

    Drinking game for Pyeongchang 2018 You got through the week successfully, sit down at home and turn on the television. Once again, nothing is going well and you decide to take a look at the 2018 Winter Olympics. To make...

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  • Der Anti Radler Radler Club - RedCupShop
    janvier 30, 2018

    The Anti Radler Radler Club

    Hate cyclists? Hate Radlatringa? Then this shirt is perfect for you! The T-shirts from the Anti Radler Radler Club stand for the support of the Anti Radler movement. This is how you can look good while presenting your opinion to...

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  • Winter Season = Beer Pong Season - RedCupShop
    janvier 3, 2018

    Winter Season = Beer Pong Season

    Party opportunities in winter It's winter. It's cold outside - like your beer. You and your friends are looking for a pastime for the many winter evenings that you can comfortably pursue at home. Clubbing and bar hopping doesn't sound...

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