Winter Season = Beer Pong Season

Party opportunities in winter

It's winter. It's cold outside - like your beer. You and your friends are looking for a pastime for the many winter evenings that you can comfortably pursue at home. Clubbing and bar hopping doesn't sound that great ... it's just too cold. The simple solution:

Beer Pong

For this drinking game you simply need 22 cups and two table tennis balls. It is best if you also have a beer pong table. Of course, beer shouldn't be missing either.

As soon as you have gathered you set up your materials and off you go! The basic rules are simple: If the opposing team hits one of your cups, you have to drink it up. Each team member alternately throws the ball once - means: two throws team A, two throws team B, two throws team A, two throws team B etc .......

We look forward to your order or your pick-up of Beer Pong accessories in Munich!

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