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FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Why haven't I received an order confirmation?

You probably did not enter your email correctly. Send us an email with your address / order number + your correct email.

My requested article is no longer available, what now?

You can easily register for an in-stock notification on the item's product page. You will receive a one-time email as soon as your product is available again.

How can I change my delivery address?
Send us an email with your shipping address and Order number.

How can I cancel my order?

Send us an email with your order number and let us know. If your package has already been sent, you can simply send it back to us.


I received a reminder from you even though I paid the bill.

In most cases, this is because you have transferred your payment to our account and not to Klarna, who processes the payment. Simply transfer the amount again to Klarna from the reminder. We will refund your amount as soon as we notice the wrong payment has been received.

Shipping & Delivery

Do I get a shipping confirmation when my package has been sent?
As soon as your package has been franked, you will receive an email with the tracking link. There you can see where your package is. In individual cases (with registered DHL customers) you will also receive updates on the shipping status of your order.

How long does the shipping take?
As a rule, delivery takes a maximum of 3 working days. You can see the respective estimated delivery times on the product pages. After ordering you will receive a tracking link

How can I track my shipment?
You can either view the tracking link on our shop page or in the shipping confirmation email.
< br> How much are the shipping costs?
You can find the shipping costs here: Shipping costs

Where is my package?

You can view the shipping status of your package using the tracking link from the shipping confirmation email -


How do I return an article?

See: Returns

How long do I have to send an article back?
14 days from receipt of the goods.

​​How can I exchange an item?
Send us an email to

Has my return already arrived?
We only process returns or refunds every 14 days, all at once. Please be patient, you will still receive your repayment safely.

When will I get the money back for my return?
As soon as your return has been processed. We do this every two weeks.
Can I also buy RedCupShop items in the store?
When will you get XXX back in stock?
Why has only part of my order arrived?