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Drinking game: 7/11 / Craps



2 dice

3 cups / glasses

Players: 2-5 or more (not too many)


  • Place 3 cups / glasses with alcoholic drink in the table rental
  • Get dice
  • Determine the starter of the game (e.g. scissors, stone, paper)

Course of the game:

The beginner rolls both dice at the same time.

If he rolls a 3, 7 or 11 or a double (= hit) he can choose someone who has to drink a cup.

Drinking rule:

As soon as the drinker touches the glass, the player who rolls the dice may continue to roll the dice. If he rolls a 3, 7, 11 or a double before the drinker has put down the glass, the drinker has to drink another glass. Otherwise the dice continue in the round.

Rescue rule:

If another player wants to save the drinker, he can simply drink one of the cups. The drinking rules apply. So if he is too slow, he has to keep drinking.

Distraction rule:

If the drinker picks up an already empty cup as a distraction, pretending to grab a cup or use similar diversionary maneuvers, the player throwing the dice may not touch the dice. If he touches it, he has to drink a cup.

Have fun drinking!