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All drinking game rules

The best drinking games:

Here you can find the rules of the game for various drinking games with and without accessories from our online shop.

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You can find some inspiration for your next drinking game evening in the list below. The required materials are in brackets.

Please drink responsibly !!!


7/11 (2 cubes, 3 glasses, beer, etc.)

Ace drinking (cards, alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks)

Beer Pong (20 cups, 2 balls, 4 beers)

Flip Cup (mug)

Flunkyball (1 bottle, 1 ball, 1 beer per person)

Hot Ice (ice cubes, alcoholic beverages) x

I've never had (beer)

Blowing cards (1 bottle, cards)

Lie or drink (cards, beer) x

Mixed drink ()

Horse racing (tickets, beer)

Ring Of Fire (cards, beer)

The Drunk Sentence (beer / alcohol) x