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Our bestsellers for your party and your OG Red Style

Here you will find our most popular products, without having to search and think twice about finding your new favorite product and be on the safe side that you are the most stylish at the next party.

Beer Pong tables and accessories

Our self-designed Beer Pong tables are robust and light, so you can play with them anytime and anywhere. There are also various cups in different colors, sizes and shapes so that you too can play on your perfect Beer Pong Set.

Streetwear collection

Our constantly changing streetwear collections not only look good but also automatically improve your beer pong skills and your feel for the ball. Our "Anti Radler Radler" collection is not only always available but is also suitable for every situation. In addition, there are always limited pieces that you can use to set new trends in your circle of friends. It's best to follow @RedCupShop on Instagram to never miss a drop.


Your perfect party or dream outfit includes not only the essentials but also the little details. Mobile phone cases, party games or bottle openers are all helpful tools in everyday student life.